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Autism awareness & more...


About ASDS

Autism Spectrum Disorder Supports (ASDS) is a 501(c)(3)
non-profit organization dedicated to creating a resource
network for Special Needs and Autistic adults. ASDS
implements programs for schools across the country that meet Common
Core standards, teaching children healthy lifestyle and literacy through
the art of storytelling with Fairy Queen Flutterby™. Presenting a
consistently strong focus on advocacy, ASDS brings awareness to
parents, teachers and others of innovative solutions for treating ASD.
ASDS offers a program called Relationships Are Us which
provides workshops on the fundamentals of relationship building,
thus enhancing life balance. We specialize in the Special
Needs community, but we are not exclusive. Anyone who seeks
happiness through relationships can benefit from our
program, including guidance in “Intimate Self Care” (i.e. Sex
Ed). Our goal is to support all relationships that help improve the
quality of life.
We encourage all to remember this important message: “No
matter the challenge, you too can be a HERO!” .